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Anonymous : You should post the picture tommorrow. Ask them anyways! They probably have more followers than just you and follow more people than just you they probably wont even read this, plus its a good way to learn things about people, im learning about you arent I? This is my last message

true, u have learned a fair amount about me. thanks for the questions, anon 

Anonymous : 1. What piercing? 2. What colour hair? 3. Would you ever kiss a girl friend non romantically for fun? 4. Would you ever makeout with a close friend for fun? 5. Would you ever do oral with someone youre not dating? 6. Do you like me asking questions? (Im out ill switch to dares) 7. Post a pic of you in bra non sexually, just pretty/artistic like the posts you blog 8. Ask your irl friends deep personal anonymous questions or confessions on tumblr anonymously 9.

1. my ears are still pierced and i used to have my nose and lip done

2. red, blue, brown, black (just never the top layer except for highlights)

3. yes

4. depends on what my relationship with them is like, by the looks of things right now, no

5. no

6. its amusing

7. i don’t think so. besides it wouldnt look very “pretty/artistic” in this crappy nighttime lighting   

8. i only have a few close irl friends on here, and a couple are online so they’d probably know its me

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Anonymous : 1. Ever died your hair? 2. Ever got a piercing? 3. Ever got a tat? 4. What is the super private thing? (I dont have your phone password or live near you probably im just curious to see if its like nudes or messages or notes) 5. (Redoing first few) Do you want a piercing? 6. Do you want a tat? 7. Do you want to die your hair? 8. Do you play any instruments? 9. Do you want to do something sexual by the end of the summer? 10.Even if its just with a friend or someone you dont like like? 11more asks?

1. yes 


3. no

4. thinspo stuff

5. not atm 

6.not atm

7. no, im liking it natural rn

8. yes (i sing)

9. yes, i suppose 

10. maybe

11. sure

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Anonymous : 1. Was it (weed) good? 2. Whats his or her name that you regret saying no too? 3. Is there anything that youre hoping your irl tumblr friends dont read for you answers? 4. Is there anything youre hoping I dont ask? 5. Is there anything super private on your phone? 6. Do you write original posts alot? 7. Do you read lot? 8. Do you like guys who workout?

1. It was decent ( i didnt figure out how to inhale properly until it was almost all gone)

2. Kurt (although im over it now)

3. no

4. not really

5. yes

6. no

7. not ALOT

8. not more than guys who don’t

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Anonymous : Heres more. 1. You dont know me irl but would you talk to me on kik if I gave you my username? 2. What law did you break?(not a yes or no but im curious) 3. Are you only into males? 4. Is your your close friend fantasy someone that follows you tumblr? 5. Would you ever act upon this or go with the flow if something goes down? 6. Have you ever asked someone out? 7. Have you ever regretted saying no to someone who asked you out? 8. Bra size? (Sorry, not a yes or no) 9. Any of these you didnt want?

1. i dont have kik

2. i’ve smoked weed (once)

3. no

5. yes


8. 32 C

9. no, not really

Anonymous : Have you evers coming up 1. Have you ever gotten drunk? 2. Have you ever kissed a girl? 3. Have you ever masturbated? 4. Have you ever sent sexual pics? 5. Have you ever done something illegal? 6. Have you ever been suspended? 7. Have you ever had a fantasy about a close friend? 8. Have you cried within the last week? 9. Have you ever self harmed? (If so when was the most recent?) 10. Can you handle more have you ever questions?

alright, here we go…

1. yes

2. no



6. no

7. yes

8. no

9. yes. a few months a ago, a little closer to the beginning of this year

10. yes!

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